Our company's purpose is to deduce the physiological issues that you may be experiencing, get you on the right plan, and connected to the right people to accomplish your goals.  To achieve this, we enlist the help of outside coaches and practitioners when your needs are beyond what we offer.  Below, you will find our currently affiliated referral partners who are recommended outside of the company to get you where your health plan points!
Bethany Leiker, ACE-CPT, FNS
Blogger, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

"I am a woman grounded by her Midwest roots, who is passionate about helping other women and mothers reach their goals and find their confidence! Certified in both personal training and fitness nutrition, I love to share the ins-and-outs of being a busy mom while finding the time to exercise and eat healthy!"



ACE-CPT - American Council on Exercise - Certified Personal Trainer, 2014

NASM-CES - National Academy of Sports Medicine, Corrective Exercise Specialist, 2014

ACE-FNS - American Council on Exercise - Fitness Nutrition Specialist, 2018



Online Health Coach and Blogger - 2011-Present

- Providing at-home workout, product and service reviews for busy mothers and anyone looking for health advice

- Online Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Personal Trainer/Metabolic Technician

Lifetime Fitness - Lenexa, KS 2013-2014

- Performed In-Person Personal Training

- Performed both Metabolic Testing and My Health Scores (Basic Health Screenings)


Bethany is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach open for Cardio Coaching, Nutrition Coaching (1 or 2x's/mo) and Online Personal Training.  After completing the Needs Assessment and Welcome Orientation, Bethany will coach you through your priorities to get the results you want!

Annie Conklin, Pn1
Blogger & Online Wellness Coach

"I will be your wellness guide & support you through your journey to wellness, in whatever shape that takes for you.  There is no standard approach to healing, and I understand the transformation is as much emotional as it is physical.  I will get to you know YOU and your mind-body connection to help create realistic goals for a longer, healthier life.  This is the beginning of YOUR new lifestyle, and I'm here to help you through it!"



Pn1 - Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Nutrition Coach, 2017

Institute for Functional Health Coaching - Certified Health Coach, 2017


Lifestyle Blogger & Wellness Coach

Create Your Joy - 2018-Present

- Online Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach


Annie is a certified health coach open for Nutrition Coaching (1, 2 or 4x's/mo).  After completing the Needs Assessment and Welcome Orientation, she will coach you through your priorities to get the results you want!  If you would like to speak with Annie, she is available for a brief Meet My Coach session prior to getting started.  This session allows you to see engage with her and feel just how supportive she is in helping you move forward!