Virtual Cardio Coaching

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Getting back into shape is what people most commonly come to us for, and we've got you covered!  Once we get an accurate picture of your current situation with our Needs Assessment, we will know just what level of activity your body is ready for and can get you started.  Many people believe that the "first" step in getting more fit is to begin an exercise routine; but less than half of our historical clients were "physically ready" for exercise.  Once we've analyzed your current physiology and goals through the Needs Assessment, you will know how ready your body is for exercise.  Whether Nutrition Coaching, Lab Testing, or beginning an exercise program is your next step; you will be empowered to move forward and become the best version of you! If exercise is the most productive next step for you to take, Virtual Cardio Coaching is the most effective way to address your metabolic needs and move you closer to your health and fitness goals.


Complete the Needs Assessment to submit your results and book your Welcome Orientation today!

We start your Virtual Cardio Coaching journey by having you perform a Cardio Test, at your home or gym, to determine your cardiovascular fitness and intensities.  This graded exercise test allows us to determine at what heart rate intensity you most efficiently burn fat, at what point you stop effectively burning fat, and the different intensities that will be used in your personalized Virtual Cardio Coaching program.  We will go over the kind of fitness tracker you are using (or make recommendations if you do not have one), what piece of cardio equipment is most appropriate for you and your goals, and provide you with an 8 week cardiovascular program based on the results from your Cardio Test. 

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Once we have your Cardio Test completed, your Cardio Program will be designed and given to you!  Workouts will be determined by your exercise history, time availability and goals to ensure that you get the results you are looking for.  No matter what part of the world you are living in and when you are available to exercise, Virtual Cardio Coaching will prove to be an effective exercise program for you!