Lab Testing

You hear it everywhere..."If you're not assessing, you're guessing."  Here at SYXGEN.COM, we offer a Health Analysis to gather pertinent information about you.  This allows us to have a productive conversation with you about your health concerns and goals from our very first conversation.  Whether it is for nutrition coaching, training or just lifestyle modification; we need to start by gathering some information about you and your current situation.  From there, we will discuss what both your familial and lifestyle physiologies seem to be doing in your Health Analysis Appointment.  In that phone call, we will make recommendations as to what should be further assessed, what should be changed and what you should continue to keep doing.


The next step in the process is usually our SYXGEN Comprehensive Health laboratory testing to see what your BODY is telling us.  In this annual testing, we take an objective approach to what your body tells us...not a general one.  Our interpretations target your specific health challenges to determine the severity of your imbalances, what to do about them, and how you are doing year over year.  Once the results are received, we will create your customized Lesson Plan to save you both time and money by addressing the causes from the get-go, rather than just waiting to "see what happens" like the medical approach tends to.

If you want to become the healthiest version of you, or need to test for what could be going wrong, let us help!  Fill out the Lab Requisition Intake form below (MFP denotes your "MyFitnessPal" login information to correlate your labs to tracking data), and we will contact you about the appropriate lab test and/or interpretation that is right for you.  

Lab Requisition Intake

*This information will be saved to your permanent file and is necessary to order your lab draw.

Once your Lab Requisition Form has been submitted, we will have the information necessary to begin the process.  All Advanced and Comprehensive Lab Interpretations include a personalized Lesson Plan for your needs.  Welcome to Lab Testing with SYXGEN...Your customized health plan is on the way!