The SYXGEN Lesson Plan

Why is it so hard for most people to get results?  We've found that it is a combination of not having the right information for their situation and not having the appropriate people involved to accomplish their health goals.  So we've created a system that addresses everything YOU will need to reach your health aspirations as efficiently as possible! Using data obtained in your Health Status Form, we will prioritize these lessons for your needs.

The "6" Lessons

  • Staying Properly Hydrated - Knowing How Much Water is Right for YOU

  • Your Specific Dietary Needs - Understanding Calories, Macros & Food Choices

  • Exercise & Activity - What Should YOU Be Doing?

  • Getting Enough Rest & Recovery - How to Rebuild Through Adequate Rest

  • Environmental Exposures - Knowing What Bogs Down Detoxification

  • Necessary Testing & Tracking - How to MEASURE Your Success

Your Very Own Blueprint

The six lessons above, are make up the components of our name, the objectives of your health track, and an allusion to our perfect your knowledge of physical self, so that your health is no longer a mystery!  Depending on your personal goals and priorities, the order may change; but the lesson topics always remain the same. We analyze your Health Status Form to find your shortcomings, and elaborate on individual needs in your new "Health Bible".  Each chapter is loaded with education that speaks to you and your goals, so that you never have to wonder "what should I be doing?"  Whether just starting with a Health Analysis Appointment, or fully diving into your labs; your customized Lesson Plan will be what you consult regularly for the knowledge you need. Beyond these SYX lessons, we identify the 7th Lesson as your Coaching Needs.  Knowing how you are psychologically motivated will give you and your Coach the appropriate approach to reach your goals.  We are the ones that know how to evaluate what's manageable for you personally, and the 7th Lesson outlines the psychology behind what you'll need to be successful.  Your first step in SEEING YOURSELF CHANGE is just a click away!  Get started today by booking your Health Analysis Appointment, and get your very own Lesson Plan to regain control of your health.  We look forward to creating your blueprint and witnessing your transformation!