About Us

SYXGEN is the culmination of what took its founder, Eric "SYX" Pyles, 12 years of working in the fitness industry to figure out...and figure out he did.  Through interviews and visits with gym owners, students, recreation center directors, and customers of various types of fitness facilities; Mr. Pyles discovered that the barrier between people, and the means to reach their physical potential, had multiple layers.  

First, there was a knowledge gap.  From coast to coast, and north to south, people just didn't know enough about what those in exercise science were bringing to light.  Most of the information people "knew" had either come from a popular magazine or was based on antiquated assumptions of what the body could actually do.  Additionally, even when people found great professionals (either a clinician, trainer, mentor, etc) to test and/or coach them, the information was never appropriately shared with the other professionals the client was working with for optimal outcomes.  Then, there was the second barrier...pricing.  Due to education and there only being so many hours in the day, the best informed health professionals have usually charged anywhere from $1200-4800 per month to work with them.  This of course becomes a burden for most people, not knowing the value of the information they could learn from these top-tier professionals.  Lastly, psychology varies from person to person.  Some people just need more information, others need accountability, but most people need frequent motivation to make long-lasting changes.

To remedy these barriers, our founder spent time working in sports performance, aging populations, metabolics, technology and nutrition to do the hard part for you.  He created a more inclusive and data-driven approach, by asking the right questions in your Needs Assessment.  This organizes your health data/reports/coaching together into a single secure folder that you always have access to.  No more calling around to find your previous test results, because we maintain those records for you...and they are always just a click away.  You will learn how YOUR body works by reading our blog posts, taking action and letting our process guide you along the way.   Through a series of relatable analogies, we make the complexity of human health easy to understand for people just like YOU.   Welcome to SYXGEN.COM, where SCIENCE finally makes SENSE!


 SYX = the number of man ("seeking perfection"), GEN = genesis (beginning or starting point)


"You've taken the first step, now let's reach for your potential."