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Getting back into shape is what people most commonly come to us for, and we've got you covered!  Once we get an accurate picture of your current situation with our Needs Assessment, we will know what level of lifestyle and nutrition intervention you will need to achieve your goals.  Once we've analyzed your current physiology, psychology and goals through the Needs Assessment; you will know how to make the most beneficial changes to your diet and lifestyle.  Whether Lab Testing or Nutrition Coaching is your next step; you will be empowered to enact your plan with the most conducive support plan possible!  If you are independent and just need direction, our coaches can help you on a monthly basis, with your personal support system encouraging you along the way.  For those that need a bit more outside accountability, perhaps bi-monthly sessions are more appropriate.  And for those that need frequent support to reach their goals, we also offer weekly coaching options.  Don't know which plan is right for you?  Simply complete the Needs Assessment by clicking the button below, and we will help you figure out the answer in your Welcome Orientation!

We begin your Nutrition Coaching journey by reviewing your Needs Assessment in your Welcome Orientation and Consult.  The questions in the Needs Assessment will divine what your body is telling us about your lifestyle is holding you back from reaching your goals, and we will use that information to prioritize your health and fitness journey.  If you have serious concerns or just need to get a more clear look into your personal physiology, we may suggest appropriate lab testing prior to beginning your coaching.  For those that are apparently healthy and have more pressing needs for lifestyle modification, Lifestyle/Nutrition Coaching will get you on the right track!

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Monthly Lifestyle/Nutrition Coaching

1 x 1 hr session/mo

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Bi-Monthly Lifestyle/Nutrition Coaching

 2 x 1 hr sessions/mo 

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Weekly Lifestyle/Nutrition Coaching

1 x 1 hr & 3 x 1/2 hr sessions/mo