Integrated Physiology


Here at SYXGEN, we are pioneering a new field better suited to meet your health and wellness needs!  World renowned health experts such as Chris Kresser (author of "Unconventional Medicine") and Dr. Thomas Guilliams (founder of The Point Institute) often speak of what the health industry would look like in a perfect world...and we are making it happen!  Our approach, deemed "integrated physiology", encompasses the first three sections of Guilliams' "Prevention to Intervention Hierarchy".  This means that instead of jumping to emergency medical professionals (the last section of the hierarchy) for what needs to be changed in your diet or lifestyle, you now have someone actually educated in those areas.  Our team and resources will teach you how to optimize your health...BEFORE it becomes a medical concern.  Not only does this save you money in the long run, it also EMPOWERS YOU to make informed decisions about your health path along the way.   



Prevention to Intervention Hierarchy

(Optimized > Things You Change > Professional Help > Clinical Help)

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Our physiologist and coaches are educated in how your body SHOULD be working (Lifestyle Maintenance), what changes you should make on your own to get back your optimal function (Lifestyle Intervention), and the kinds of professional help you may need to get you there (Augmented and/or Rescue Intervention).  Most people jump straight to depending on Rescue Interventions to maintain their health, and then wonder why their health continues to decline.  This is simply because addressing a symptom, without breaking down what the causes of that symptom are, will ultimately lead to the problems just getting worse.  While there is definitely a time and place for Medical/Rescue Intervention (pathogenic diseases and acute traumas), your  lifestyle and nutritional factors usually play a larger role in how you feel/function day to day.  We use the following process to deduce, quantify and guide you through your health journey; giving you objective measures of your physiology and where your intervention priorities lie.



Refer Out (Medical/Clinical Concerns)

Starting with your Needs Assessment, we will gather important information about where you and your health are in your journey.  Everything from standard bodily measurements, to your eating habits, sleep schedule, activity/exercise and more are evaluated in this step.  How often do you have a conversation with someone and not know what to do after?  With our Welcome Orientation, you will get an analysis of your Needs Assessment, what lifestyle/nutrition modifications should be made, and what your highest priority next steps will be (lab testing, some sort of coaching, or meeting with an appropriate medical professional).   Not everyone needs extensive testing, nor does everyone benefit from exercise; few people "just need a trainer" and even fewer "need to just ask their doctor".  Crazy right?  Since we are all individuals, we at SYXGEN believe that measuring your unique circumstances and making a plan customized for YOU will always be more helpful than any generalized public health recommendation.  

So what's your next step?  Subscribe to our blog and you'll receive pointers on how to tweak your lifestyle, nutrition and exercise routines (Lifestyle Maintenance/Intervention).  In it, you will find articles specifically geared towards helping you set up your dietary tracker, choose an appropriate lifestyle tracker and many other topics meant to save you time and money in your journey.  For those of you that are self-starters, you will find yourself seeing results just from implementing what you will find there!  If you are more the type that prefers to be guided step-by-step, simply create a MyFitnessPal account  and start tracking your food in the app.  Don't change anything that you are doing currently...just put in what you are eating for a few days; then fill out the Needs Assessment Once you book your Welcome Orientation and review your Needs Assessment with our physiologist, you'll be ten steps ahead of the rest and well on your way!  Your results will tell us what you are doing right, what can be improved and what services or referrals are most relevant for your goals.  We can't wait to help you SEE YOURSELF CHANGE, so come on in!  Welcome to SYXGEN, where your physiology is our starting point!