What could a company, that is built on serving people, seek to accomplish without personalized services?  Absolutely nothing.  So, here at SYXGEN, we offer a wide selection of services to our members based on their goals and resources.  Think about your goal...think about your past...think about what has and hasn't worked before...and decide to do something about it!  Start making a difference in your life today by taking the most integrative and direct route to your goals as possible.  We are here to help YOU on YOUR journey, so let's figure out where to start shall we?

Health Analysis Appointment             $300 (incl. eval & recommendations)


In our first scheduled call, we will trace back through your life to this point and identify any barriers that could be issues from what you answered in your Health Status Form.  This session will review your plan of action, give you the lifestyle and nutrition recommendations needed to get you on track, and set you up for any additional services needed to accomplish your plan!

Lifestyle/Nutrition Coaching               $75-100/session


By addressing your body's physiology and motivation style in the Needs Assessment; we can effectively guide you into optimal health with our Lifestyle/Nutrition Coaching.  You can't exercise your way past poor nutrition to good health, so let us help you learn how to live and eat healthy for YOU.  Each session outlines realistic changes designed to keep you on track.  We can meet with you from once to four sessions per month dependending on your personal needs!

Cardio Coaching               $200 (incl. test & 8 Week Program)


For those that just need occasional checkups and program design, Cardio Coaching from SYXGEN can help you take things up a notch!  We will communicate through video chat or conference call to both test and train your metabolism effectively.  After completing the test, your coach will provide you with an 8 week program you perform on your own schedule.  When nutrition and lifestyle are being addressed, adding Cardio Coaching to your regimen is the most effective fat loss training you can do!

Lab Testing              Prices vary depending on tests needed

If we determine there are specific physiological issues needing to be measured, SYXGEN can order your labs directly with less hassle.  This allows us to objectively measure what is going  on in YOUR body and establish the most accurate baseline for your intervention.  Whether through blood work, urine or salivary measures; we will be able to see what's going on from every angle with Lab Testing.  To take part in Lab Testing at SYXGEN, you'll first fill out the Health Status Form and we will determine your testing plan in your personal Health Analysis Appointment.