"SYX" - Our Founder

Eric Pyles, MEd, CSCS, Pn1
Owner/Founder - Integrated Physiologist

"I believe that the first step in becoming the best version of ourselves is to admit our weaknesses and opportunities for growth.  Living in this mindset every day, 'SYX' has been my alter ego and the inspiration for the company name, as it is the number of man's imperfections.  The purpose of this site and our services is to get you those missing pieces.  Thank you for visiting us, and we look forward to empowering you on your journey!"

Eric "SYX" Pyles


BA - Exercise Science, Wichita State University, 2007

NSCA - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, 2007

Masters of Education - Exercise Science, Wichita State Univ., 2011

Pn1 - Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Nutrition Coach, 2015

Independent Study - subclinical lab evaluation, functional and clinical nutrition, applications of both epigenetics and nutrigenomics; 2012 - Present



Practicum Student - Center for Physical Activity & Aging

Wichita State University, 2006

- Performed special considerations training for older and geriatric populations


Sports Performance Coach - Velocity Sports Performance

Highland Park, TX  2007-2009

- Wrote and implemented the Metabolic Testing/Training Program

- Created the Adult Fitness Program exercise progressions


Personal Trainer/TEAM Fitness Instructor/Metabolic Technician

Lifetime Fitness - Lenexa, KS 2011-2012

- Performed personal training and metabolic testing

- Co-created a new TEAM Fitness group training progression


Metabolic Specialist

Lifetime Fitness - Lenexa, KS 2013-2015

- Led the metabolic testing, nutrition and lab testing programs

- Developed and taught staff physiology education

- Oversaw all special population consideration and program design



Eric is an integrated physiologist, certified nutrition, strength and conditioning coach/personal trainer.  He analyzes all Needs Assessments taken on the site, performs the Welcome Orientations, and handles all lab testing/interpretation clients.  On the coaching side, he occasionally takes on Nutrition Coaching (1 or 2x's/mo) and Cardio Coaching clients; but he mostly performs quality assurance for our coaches and affiliates.  His knowledge base ensures that you (and any coaches, clinicians, etc you are working with) have the most insightful and effective plan possible!