Terms of Service


To best serve our clients and maintain up-to-date availability, we require at least a 24-hour cancellation notice via email (info@syxgen.com) or text message to the specific coach.  Cancelling the appointment in your personal calendar will not notify your coach and will constitute a no-show appointment and forfeiture of the session.  



In the case of emergencies, a session may be credited to your account, but generally a notice within 24 hours will constitute a forfeit of the session.  For this reason, we ask that you set a reminder in your schedule for more than 24 hours before your appointment.  



For single session purchases, once the service has been completed no refunds will be issued for the service completed.  For packaged services, once the first session has been completed, remaining sessions may be transferred to other services, but no refunds will be issued.  This is to keep you accountable to your goal and to deliver on the services we have been hired to perform.  Thank you for helping us offer the best service possible!