In-Home Personal Training

Push Ups

Getting back into shape is what people most commonly come to us for, and we've got you covered!  Once we get an accurate picture of your current situation with our Needs Assessment, we will know just what level of activity your body is ready for and can get you started.  Many people believe that the "first" step in getting more fit is to begin an exercise routine; but less than half of our historical clients were "physically ready" for exercise.  Once we've analyzed your current physiology and goals through the Needs Assessment, you will know how ready your body is for exercise.  Whether Nutrition Coaching, Lab Testing, or beginning an exercise program is your next step; you will be empowered to move forward and become the best version of you! If exercise is the most productive next step for you to take, Virtual Cardio Coaching is the most effective way to address your metabolic needs, while In-Home Personal Training options are most productive for strength, look and function of your muscles.


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We start your In-Home Personal Training journey by evaluating your physical fitness with a full body exploratory workout.  Analyzing where your strengths, weaknesses, flexibility, and stamina during this routine will let our coaches see how well you move and the level of exercise you are should take part in.  Next, an inventory of the equipment you have available will allow us to determine if any other equipment will be necessary for your personalized progression.  Who needs a gym membership when you can save money buying only the equipment that YOU need for YOUR home?  Getting the right equipment for you will make your workouts more specific to you, and allow you to repeat workouts in the comfort of your own home.  We offer three different frequencies of training from once per week to three times per week to fit your psychological and physical goals!


Weekly In-Home Training w/ Video

4 x 1 hr session/mo

Senior Therapy

Bi-Weekly In-Home Training

8 x 1 hr session/mo

Personal Trainer

Tri-Weekly In-Home Training

12 x 1 hr session/mo

For our Weekly In-Home Training w/ Video option, we video your exercises as we coach you, so that you can repeat workouts on your own between sessions, being empowered to perform the exercises correctly on your own.  With both our Bi-Weekly and Tri-Weekly training options, you will have your coach with you each session, so videos aren't necessary.  The goal of more frequent sessions are to get you comfortable with performing the exercises you need so that you can decrease frequency over time and eventually get into a maintenance routine with video workouts we build for you!

*Note: In-Home Personal Training services are only available in select areas serviced by affiliated coaches.  If you are needing this service based on your Needs Assessment, we will assign a coach or give you recommendations as to the qualifications needed for a coach in your service area.